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What is the difference between the Police Service and the Police Association?
Great question! Let us clear things up…

The Prince Albert Police Association encompasses all police officer ranks from Special Constable to Staff Sergeant, as well as Civilian members who work within the police service. The Association does not include the ranks of Inspector, Deputy Chief, or Chief. The Prince Albert Police Service covers a broader spectrum and refers to every employee of the Service, regardless of rank or status.

The Prince Albert Police Association Executive works hard to ensure a safe and fair work environment for our members. The Executive is made up of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Civilian Director. The Board handles all matters to do with discipline and contractual issues within the service and strives to create equitable benefits with other police agencies within western Canada.

The Prince Albert Police Association is an active member within the Saskatchewan Federation of Police Officers as well as the Canadian Police Association, ensuring we are up to date on issues facing policing across the province and country.

We work hard to serve the citizens of Prince Albert and are proud to be members of our community!


We are a Diverse Police Service Dedicated to Community Safety and Committed to Reducing Crime.

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